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Okkara Vanliga is a light, refreshing and easy-going beer. This is a good thirst-quencher, and perfect for a quick drink with friends.t The beer to have with you in the boat, the shed, in
the outfields or in your summer house.


A balanced beer, light yet full-bodied, deep in color yet crisp in taste. With its rich hue and delicate flavor, it works well with light dishes, such as poultry or fruit and vegetables, but also equally well with heavier dishes, such as pork and beef.


A beer for every occasion. Just as refreshing as a pilsner, but with a more intricate flavour. Okkara Gull is a beer with its own personality, created with a unique blend of malt and special hops which give it its unique colour and taste. The combination of freshness and strength makes Okkara Gull a particularly good to pair with seafood dishes as well as traditional Faroese cuisine.


It has been a long process developing Okkara Cider. We have taken pains to make a cider that is refreshing and easy to drink, with just the right effervescence, and a harmony of sweetness and sourness from the apples. Okkara is pleased with the result – the perfect beverage to enjoy cold on a warm summer day.



A seasonal red ale that boasts a deep colour and fine balance.
Enjoy the playful combination of the spicy taste from the porous basalt rock and the rounded fruity flavour from the yeast. Make your Christmas cosier and tastier with Okkara Jól, and let its rich colour and zesty flavour bring Christmas spirit to your tastebuds.


An exquisite dark amber beer. Easter is a time most Faroese people spend with their loved-ones, enjoying good food and company, so we made this seasonal beer to celebrate this tradition. The balanced flavours of selected yeast and two kinds of malt and hop give OKkara Vár its distinctly welcoming appeal, perfect for festive and family occasions alike.


A top fermented seasonal beer with a pleasant hoppy flavour that works well with all kinds of Faroese cuisine, or if you just want to enjoy a good beer. Ólavsøka is a cherished time of year in the Faroe Islands. This beer is brewed with pride to accompany every facet of the yearly festival, be it the food, the chain-dancing, the singing, the rowing races or the company of good friends. Okkara Ólavur is a welcome addition to any situation.



This beer is amber in hue with an energetic and rich flavour. A touch of malted sugar balances the bitterness. Mixed with the bite of the alcohol it has a distinctly refreshing flavour.


A stout with a blend of malty flavours rooted in pilsner, coloured, caramel and smoked malt.
It finishes with a hint of liquorice, making it an excellent beer to have with deserts and other sweet foods. Chocolate and cream-based deserts truly come into their own when combined with our caramel colored stout.


This fruity unfiltered beer has a citrus and angoinfused taste. The lack of hops gives it a unique flavour and consistency, while the added spruce and birch give it an earthy, yet uplifting aroma.


A top fermented ale that is aged with porous Faroese rocks. The rocks are heated to 800°C and then placed in the wort, where they then caramelize the brew. This process, combined with the specially selected hops, creates a unique spiced flavour.
Okkara Rinkusteinur pairs best with dark meats, such as lamb, but it also combines wonderfully with cheese platters and other high-fat foods.


This English style IPA was brewed in collaboration with the Danish brewery Mikkeller. It was named after the historic building in Tórshavn that now houses the Mikkeller bar.
This hazy yellow IPA boasts a complex aroma of fruitiness, ranging from citrus to mango, with a delightfully bitter finish.

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